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  • Extremely portable(4.2” by 4.6” by 2.1")
  • Cleans and streamlines your workspace.
  • Small carbon footprint.(Uses much less power than a traditional desktop.)
  • Choose the Operating System you'd like.(Windows 10 or 11; Home or Pro, Ubuntu etc.)
  • Choose amount of RAM you want.From 4 to 64GB
  • Choose the size and speed drive you want.Standard or Premium
  • Old school customer service(Talk to a real human being.)
  • Windows and drivers will be up to date from the time it leaves our shop.
  • FREE Upgrades for Life program(Click here for details)

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your Intel NUC from us

  • Offer free upgrades for life
  • Use only top-tier components
  • Walk beside you for the full three years your NUC is under warranty
  • Treat you as we would if we lived in the same neighborhood
  • Have over 95% positive reviews on Amazon
  • And 100% positive feedback on eBay

We are a Gold Level Intel Technology Partner,

And we take great pride in offering “Old-school” customer service.


We automatically enroll your NUC in this one-of-a-kind program. Tech Wizards at The Lake provides FREE LABOR for any upgrade to your memory, NVMe/M.2, or 2.5″ SATA III drive. All you pay for is discounted shipping both directions, and the component(s). We’ll even share our discount for the components. For those who don’t want to let go of their data, we understand. We will walk you through the upgrade(s) via the phone or with a video.


Starting at $1100

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NUC 11’s

Starting at $700

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Was very pleasantly surprised at how professional this process completed. The Nuc arrived as estimated, and the complete packaging was fantastic. Paper work included all PC information, Windows information and sticker, etc. This went about like it would have if I had my local PC shop do a computer build for me. My NUC is up and running perfectly, including my Thunderbolt dock. The installed components are absolutely top tier. I would highly recommend Tech Wizards.

Amazon Customer

The NUC came as expected and worked fine. I had an issue with a BIOS update, My fault. Rick and team helped me right out. They even got on the phone with me. Unheard of these days. I’ve worked for major tech companies like Dell and they could learn a thing or two about support from the TechWizards!!
Would buy again in a heart beat!!

Amazon Customer

A beautifully quiet system most of the time, though under load the fan can reach somewhat annoying levels. I use it for software development with three large monitors (1 HDMI and 2 through a Thunderbolt 3 dock). Since Intel sells these as kits, you either need to configure it yourself or buy it from a builder like Tech Wizards of the Lake, who I highly recommend. Unlike the normal PC purchase experience, this system arrived fully updated with none of the bloatware that you normally get from larger manufacturers. They responded quickly and intelligently to my questions. I also recommend visiting their web site, which has more options available than you’ll see through Amazon..”

Amazon Customer