NUC 12 Wallstreet Canyon (Premium)

From $650.00

Intel® has done it again! Introducing the Wall Street Canyon NUC! This twelfth generation NUC i7 has more cores than most non-gaming personal computers. With 12-cores the processor can run 16 threads, allowing you to multitask until your heart’s content. Add in its Iris Xe graphics and this baby is a force to be reckoned with for an abundance of tasks including editing photos or videos and light gaming. The NUC12WSHi7 also easily connects from one to four 4K displays. It’s difficult to imagine the average user needing more.

Weighing in at less than four pounds and small enough to fit in your hand, this mini powerhouse will not only perform typical tasks at amazing speeds but will also reduce your carbon footprint. All the while, it will adjust its use of the 12 CORE/16 thread processor to match what you’re doing! Continuing their record of improving with each generation Intel has bound a “marriage” between the CPU and GPU. The Iris Xe graphics will also adjust to the tasks you’re performing.



Operating System
RAM Memory
Samsung DDR4-3200Mhz RAM (Max for all NUCs is 64GB)
PCIe NVMe Drive
Fourth Generation SSD Drives & "Premium Elite" Drives
OPTIONAL: 2.5in SATA Drive
(Fit in 4.4 X 4.6 X 2.1 "Tall" NUCs)

Why buy your NUC from us?

Quite simply we use what the vast majority of people (including us!) consider the best quality components. It’s all Samsung all the time, even if it’s a third generation NVMe drive instead of the fourth gen (our premium version). Because the components are the best complaints are the least. Also, if you consider a different brand better and want it installed please let us know by filling out our contact form. We want you to be like a kid opening his gifts on Christmas morning. We also offer both special pricing and a unique warranty to those who purchase more than seven of our NUCs.

If you are going to buy this for a “normal” use

You’ll be amazed at how fast your NUC loads programs, how quickly it completes virus scans, and how perky it is when you’re editing graphics or videos. It will even allow for some light gaming.

Intel® NUC 12 Pro Mini PCs

Raise the bar for performance and connectivity in a 4×4 device for productivity, collaboration, and edge compute. 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors—plus up to 64GB dual-channel memory and massive SSD capacity—drive enterprise-class performance in a pint-sized PC. Collaboration is faster and easier than ever with lightning-fast wired and wireless connectivity options. Select SKUs come with Intel vPro® technology for remote manageability, hardware-enhanced security features, and platform stability to help businesses cut IT costs and boost uptime. (Note: We do not currently stock the vPro® models but are more than willing to order them if requested.)

The systems are built to deliver great experiences at the edge, with their small size, numerous ports front and back, dual LAN expansion module (select SKUs), and these added features:

Tech Wizards is a Gold Level Partner Alliance member and has earned Intel’s competency badge for building NUCs. We are “mom and pop” owned and operated (literally); old-school company known for our customer service. We build both the best mini pcs in the world and strong relationships based on trust. We also automatically enroll you in our free Upgrades for Life program.

That means that if it fits in your machine we will swap out your drive, add a normal SSD or add memory at no cost for labor. All you pay for is shipping both directions.


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