NUC 10 Frost Canyon (Premium)

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Experience the power of 10!

Intel’s NUC 10 is built to excite, enhance, and exhilarate! If you ever thought that a computer as small (4.4” X 4.6” X 2.1”) as this can’t perform well just think about i3, i5, and i7 versions of the 10th gen Intel® processor. Picture it as a high-powered laptop minus the screen.

There are many special uses for the NUC 10 including digital signage, multiple displays, and the ability to play 4K video via streaming services, etc. But most of us use our computer for email, word processing, web searching, and the like. The NUC 10 performs well under any of these situations.

The NUC 10 has a SIX-core processor (50% more than previous NUCs), with each core running at 1.1 GHz. This makes multi-tasking a breeze. Yet, it can spin up to 4.7GHz when maximum processing power is needed. This is also the first NUC to support 64GB of memory (twice as much as previous versions) and at a higher speed (DDR4-2666 Mhz). With a new USB-C port on the front you can transfer data at 10GBps! (Note: On this machine the front USB-C port does not send a video signal.)

Now, using the Thunderbolt connection and a USB-C hub you can display 4K on as many as 3 monitors. In short, Intel has created another mini-beast that’s sure to please everyone from office personnel to the home theater enthusiast.


Operating System
RAM Memory
Samsung DDR4-3200Mhz RAM (Max for all NUCs is 64GB)
PCIe NVMe Drive
Third Generation PCIe NVMe Drives
OPTIONAL: 2.5in SATA Drive
(Fit in 4.4 X 4.6 X 2.1 "Tall" NUCs)
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Harness the power of the 10th generation Intel Core i7-10710U SIX-Core processor
through any of the following connections:


  • One Thunderbolt 3 port (which can power two 4K displays)
  • HDMI 2.0a (will support one 4K display)
  • 1 USB-C (super fast data transfer)
  • USB-3.1 Type A (1 front; 2 back)
  • WiFi 6 (Wireless-AX for fast wireless speeds on newer routers)
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Gigabit ethernet adapter
  • Card Reader

This model holds up to two drives:

  • One M.2/NVMe SSD
  • One SATA III driveCan be either an SSD or an HDD.

Tech Wizards at The Lake automatically enrolls your NUC 10 in our exclusive free “Upgrades for Life” program. That means we provide free labor for upgrades on your memory or drives. You simply pay for shipping both directions, tell us what you want added or swapped, and receive your upgraded machine back within 2-4 days after we’ve received everything. If you’re just adding a new drive we will quite possibly be able to walk you through it over the phone.

Tech Wizards is also a Gold Level Intel Technology Partner and has earned the Intel badge for NUC Mini PC Solutions (training).

Some of the things that separate us from the pack is that we:

  1.  Offer “Upgrades for Life;
  2.  Use only Samsung components in our NUCs;
  3.  We also use only Genuine Windows product keys.

Finally, we invest energy into helping anyone who contacts us.

We’ve also been selling on Amazon since January of 2019 and have excellent ratings. Please feel free to check us out on there.


The only way to upgrade the graphics processor on this model NUC is to use an external graphics processing unit (eGPU). However, we do have options for NUCs that have built-in video cards. Check in our product category for the NUC 11 Enthusiast to locate one.


This product has NO analog (3.5mm jack) for sound. If you would like a USB to 3.5mm adapter, to plug in speakers or a microphone, simply send us a message, and we will gladly send you one for free. If you’re using HDMI you will get digital sound through it at up to 7.1 surround sound.


We try to do things that make sense. One of those things is to never gouge you for more RAM, so we suggest you consider single-channel memory (one the two slots filled) in your configuration if it is less than 64GB. Though this results in the NUC running a few seconds slower, which few people notice, it means you only need to buy another stick of the same memory, if/when you decide to upgrade, rather than having to buy two new sticks. We will gladly accommodate you.

We perform a clean installation of Windows, 64-bit and load all necessary drivers. We also download the updates for Windows up to the day we ship the NUC to you. Finally, we record serial numbers for the NUC and all its components. This way of operating gives us (and you) confidence that your computer is in good working condition before we ship it.


We automatically enroll your NUC in this one-of-a-kind program. Tech Wizards at The Lake provides FREE LABOR for any upgrade to your memory, NVMe/M.2, or 2.5″ SATA III drive. All you pay for is discounted shipping both directions, and the component(s). We’ll even share our discount for the components. For those who don’t want to let go of their data, we understand. We will walk you through the upgrade(s) via the phone or with a video.


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